Pan in A Pandemic Panorama

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Material: Acrylic on Canvas

Unframed Image Size: 16″x12″

Sherron went to BAHS until Lower VI, when Megan Hobkins-Reese was instrumental in her attending Hornsey College of Art, in London for one year. Life took over and art took a back seat for many years.  She did attend a course with Harry Bryden but art was still overtaken by life.

In 2020 , now retired, a grandmother and great grandmother she joined a class with Beverly Fitzwilliam-Harries whose encouragement and support has turned a one time love into a new and wonderful journey that brings joy and laughter every time Sherron picks up a paintbrush.

Sherron chairs the Fun(d) Raising and Property Management committees at The Shelter and hopes that this exhibition will encourage all who take part, in person or virtually, to continue to support The Shelter and Domestic Violence Victims.

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