The Shelter for Battered Women and Children was established in 1987 as a safe haven for women and children who are victims of all forms of domestic violence. Our mission is to support victims in their transition from victims to survivors and survivors into success stories.

The Shelter was created in response to growing awareness of domestic violence and a greater need for support of victims of domestic violence. The Shelter operates a safe house, granted to it by the Government of Trinidad and Tobago, providing accommodation for residents, staff quarters, a counselling room, children’s activity room, and training room.

As a registered charity, The Shelter is run by an Executive Committee of Volunteers. Although it receives an annual subvention from the Government as well as well-wishers, the funds generated are usually inadequate given the growing need and the extent of the services that we currently provide and wish to provide to the victims.

Over the years, The Shelter has become the leader in developing capacity to deliver a range of services necessary to transform the lives of our residents. Because of the protocols and systems we have developed, other shelters often rely on us for advice and guidance.

The general lack of facilities and services in Trinidad and Tobago means that The Shelter is also regularly called upon to provide a safe house to persons from other Caribbean and foreign countries, such as Albania, Gambia, Colombia, the Dominican Republic and Cuba. 


Our Goals


  • To provide a safe and secure refuge for survivors of abuse and their children.
  • To offer outreach services aimed at supporting survivors and their children.
  • To provide counselling services to the perpetrator via the Transitional Support Programme.
  • To advocate for justice for survivors and their children.
  • To forge alliances with other agencies working to create social change.


The Executive Committee

Chairman of The Shelter – Scott Hamilton
Vice Chair – Sudesh Botha
Secretary – Lisa Francis-McCarthy
Treasurer – Sean Medina

Other members:
Darlene Smith-Oliver
Natalie O’Brady
Jill De Bourg
Maryam Abdool-Richards
Marcus Kissoon


Chairman of The Board: Scott Hamilton