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Our Services

The Shelter provides direct services to survivors of physical and emotional abuse and their children, including counselling, crisis intervention, support, individual advocacy, and a wide range of material assistance. Direct services include providing a safe physical space for survivors of violence and their children through maintenance of a shelter facility.  Upon entry to The Shelter, residents are provided with crisis intervention and counselling as required. Residents are required to meet with a counsellor as a condition of stay.

Our goal during their period of their period of residence is to help survivors empower themselves through intervention programmes, restoring their self-worth, independence and dignity. We work with women in constructing a Transitional Support Plan, including employment support mechanisms.

We also provide community education and advocacy to change the personal attitudes, institutional practices and cultural beliefs that allow and condone violence.

The Shelter serves the entire Trinidad and Tobago community through a comprehensive series of treatment and prevention services.

Residents have access to the following:



Dental Care


Job Placement

Legal Aid





The Shelter also has an Outreach Programme for non-residents. Non-residents can either be survivors who have since left The Shelter as well as those who have never been residents. These services include:


Out-Centre Care