DEBORAH CLEMENT – Exuberance & Restraint

$3,500.00 TTD


Medium: Mixed-media drawing – ink, paint and graphite on strawboard

Unframed Image Size: 40″x26″

Having ended (somewhat prematurely) my long career of thirty plus years as an educator at
both secondary and tertiary levels, I'm thoroughly enjoying the serendipity of a quiet
retirement and venturing into a new life as a practicing artist and… In this time of Covid…
voluntary recluse. With gratitude to God for sustaining me, I'm savouring the alone time,
drinking in the light, pouring through my windows and the deep blue of our skies; taking the
time to read, listen and reflect more on the purpose of human existence and to ask like a
shadow, “What is Life”? I've embarked on an experiment to create art by transcending some
of the norms, rules, and structures of drawing. While still retaining the potential for
messaging, for searching, for enabling the viewer to questions/examine, to LOOK.
This is an unnerving time for some, especially as we accustom ourselves to enjoying
turbulence, but we can all use this. A stimulus for creating. As Roethke says:
‘in a dark time, the eye begins to see”

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